How can i transform my hair like on these pictures

I was on instagram and I saw this stylists account they posted pictures of hair transformations which happened in their salon. I think they used devacurl products. I want to know how I can transform my hair and bring out more curl and definition as my ends are straighter than the roots and I don't want to chop the ends off. I've been trying to follow the curly girl method I only use giovanni direct leave in conditioner in the shower and thats it I use argan oil everyday. The picture of blonde hair is mine the other pics are the before and afters going to the salon I want to get these kind of results at home but I don't know how. Thank you

1 Answer

These transformations usually happen when they cut the hair while it's dry, and add some layers to give more definition to the hair. What I can suggest is that you see a curly hair stylist and ask them to cut your hair in layers. Adding layers will still allow you to keep your length if you want.I hope this helps :)