I have type 2B hair and want more defined waves/curls. Any suggestions?

I have type 2B hair hair with high porosity. I want to have more defined waves/curls without heat or rollers. Any help please?

1 Answer

I have 2b fine hair also. Im not on the CG method. but I am careful what I use. I have found a method that works for me...Wash my hair every other day or 2 days, use tons of conditioner in ends. Then detangle when wet. I part my hair to side. Divide my long hair in half, the half again. so 4 sections. then I apply tiny amount of argan oil ogx, then I use a leave in creamy argan hair butter , very thin coat in my hair. the I apply my styler cantu define and shine custard tiny amt (using prayer hands) them I take the sections and twist the until the look like rope or long coil. air dry or blow dry on low. keep twisting as dries. Hope this helps..