When I use a cleansing conditioner do I have to put normal condioner after it?

I put cleansing conditioner only on my scalp I fear to put it on the rest of my hair this is why I'm asking should I use normal condioner for the rest of the hair after I cleanse my scalp with the cleansing conditioner? 

1 Answer

Hi Princess.Moc, I would recommend using a conditioner after your co-wash to detangle your hair. The co-wash and the conditioner are used for separate needs, like you said. One is for cleansing the scalp and the strands, the other is for moisturizing and detangling. Just be sure to rinse very thoroughly so you don't end up with greasy hair. And, be sure to use a conditioner that isn't too heavy or filled with oils. That will lead to weighed down hair and a greasy scalp. Good luck!