I want my curls back!!!!

I went from being a pretty long length 3A-3B to barely a medium length 2A. I've done a lot of damage to my hair! It started about 2 years ago! I bleached my hair, I kept it bleached for about 5 months before I cut it into a bob. My curl pattern was gone and everyone told me to stay away from heat but I didn't know what else I could do besides straighten it so that's what i did about once a week. Now a month later I died it brown. Now a year later I am shoulder length I barely have wavy hair let alone curly. I really don't want to chop my hair off but what can I do? I've tried using mixed chicks products but learned that it's not for me! The leave in conditioner leaves me with a not so wavy crunchy hair style... I'm lost HELP HELP HELP!!!! I remember hating my curly hair now I want nothing more then for my curls to return!!! I've attached a picture before the bleach during the bleach and now. 

1 Answer

Sounds like some pretty severe damage.It's transitioning time!I will tell you now. You can't revert damaged hair.  What you can do, is properly take care of your hair and grow it out to your desired (original) look. You should probably look into strengthening (protein) treatments for the time being to strengthen that hair so it doesn't break off. Take the proper steps to build a regimen to nurse your hair back to the best possible health, and promote a healthy scalp (because that's where your hair grows from, right?). You may want to determine your hair type (at the roots), density, and porosity to get the best recommendations for products. Mixed Chicks is one of many lines out there for curlies. Maybe it was too heavy, you should use it differently, or your hair didn't react well with something in it. Look into YouTube content to find some help with products. It's a big trial and error game. As your hair grows out, you can slowly chop your ends off. Don't wait too long to do that though, as your new, healthy hair grows in, the line where the old and new hair meet, the line of demarcation, will be very prone to breakage, tangling and in extensive cases, matting. Commit to not using heat, and finding other ways to style your hair. Try protective styles and low manipulation styles.Good Luck -- feel free to ask in further detail about any of the things I said! :)