Do I have wavy or straight hair?

HiSo for a long time, since I was a little kid, I've had dead straight, shiny and very fine Nordic hair. It has always been like that, and it didn't seem to be changing. When puberty started to hit, my ends started to become dry and brittle, no matter what I did. My hair was frizzy and dry. Now, when I'm in middle school, the situation is a little bit weird. I have some kind of waves in my hair, and I have no idea what to do with them. They appear when my hair is air drying, and stay there. If I brush my hair, it gets all straight. But in 30 minutes, my hair is frizzy and messy with the weird kind of waves. Especially if I wear a ponytail, people can see them appear when my ends bend in the pony, they don't go straight down. My hair also seems to get and hold curls and other waves very well. But sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not. And I feel like I'm getting more waves. Also weird thing, my hair is bent from the ends, not the roots. Do I actually have 2a hair or what the heck is this? My hair is also getting thicker and darker.  My friends told me that I had slightly wavy hair, but I'm not sure if I believe her. And is it possible that my hair would get some showing waves in time?

1 Answer

Hi Wavyohwell,Welcome to the wavy world. :) It's perfectly normal to have your hair change during puberty. I used to have stick straight hair as well until I hit puberty and then my hair poofed up like Hermione. Try not to look back, but instead focus on taking care of your new wavy hair! Your wavy hair is a little more straight than most of our readers around here, but that's fine! Your hair is beautiful. I would focus on finding a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that works for you. That will help with the frizziness and dryness. And be sure to get regular trims to cut off those dead ends. Dead ends make our wavy hair strawlike and dry...not cute. Also, since you express having some frizz, I would try and find a good serum that you can smooth over your hair for frizzy days. My favorite serum is Ghost Oil by Verb, Marula Oil by Carol's Daughter, and Argan Oil by AG. When you're ready to try beach wave styles, I suggest finding a good sea salt spray that will give your hair some oomph. I love Verb Sea Salt and Brooklyn Beach Hair. Spray one of those on your hair and then scrunch it with some light mousse to give it some hold. The great thing about your type of wavy hair is that you can brush it for a more sleek look, or you can scrunch it with your fingers for more waves. It just depends what look you want! Good luck,