I'm a 2b that is very dry and frizz prone right now. I need help finding products, please.

My hair has been a mess for the last 9 months due to a health condition and an ombre I did a year ago. I have very sensitive skin and scalp so I have to be careful with chemicals and fragrances. I got my 1st Deva cut a few weeks ago but didn't like the Devacurl products. My scalp was itching and my curls were very heavy and tacky. I prefer soft, touchable curls even if that means a little less definition. I'm on what feels like my 50th product trying to find my "holy grail." I'm a 2b/2c, I believe low porosity, low density, dry & frizz prone, shoulder length. Any help is much appreciated, thank you!

1 Answer

For moisture I often use SheaMoisture Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque, but it tends to build up especially on our low porosity hair. To combat this, you might have to low poo your hair during your next wash (I usually only shampoo my scalp). For a deep moisture treatment with less buildup but slightly more hassle, I use olive oil on my hair and sleep with it overnight. Remember not to saturate your hair with the oil; your hair should glisten evenly but not drip. In the morning, I cover my hair with only shampoo (do not wet it yet) and rub it in, letting it sit for around 5 minutes to begin breaking down the oil. After that, I wash it out with water and shampoo once or twice more to ensure the oil is out. I condition normally and my hair is shinier and softer! Hope this helped :)