I'm a newb - is Renpure Cleansing Conditioner a good way to start?

I'm a little overwhelmed and seeking a little direction with my transition away from shampoos.  I've been using "Argan One and Only" shampoos and conditioners for a while, and haven't been happy with my hair for years.  So when my friend suggested The Curly Girl Handbook, I read it through, twice, and have been reading dozens of threads here.  I've spent some time in stores and haven't found any of the products that are recommended (even the Suave and VO5 products listed here aren't at the Fred Meyer near my house!)I purchased Renpure's "Rosemary Mint Cleansing Conditioner" after reading through the ingredients and researching the Silicone Quaternium-17.  What I missed (between long words) was the Amodimethicone.  It's low on the list, so the quantity is likely to be only trace - but to what extent might this be a nuisance?  I'll take any advice on this.  My hair is currently short, recovering from the last bad haircut I ever expect to receive, and looks like a 2a wave (slight bend at the ends.) Texture is fine.

2 Answers

I'd recommend the coconut curls line by ogx! They sell them at places such as Walmart, marshals, and some drug stores too. All of their products work wonders for me (although I'm type 2c/3a) but of course you'll have to dabble and try a few different ones:) as for renpure, I've never actually used that specific product but I'm actually currently avidly using one of their conditioners in their coconut milk line and I'm not noticing any kind of build up. Since the specific product you're using  has silicone in it I'd recommend an apple cider vinegar cleanse every now and again:) it basically removes any build up you may have while also sending moisture into your hair (the only thing you have to get used to is the strong smell) for instructions on that you should just search "acv wash" on YouTube. I'd recommend you use 100% organic acv which has "the mother" left in it (so basically its unfiltered). I'd also recommend devacurl products which are delibarelty made for hair with waves meaning that it won't be too heavy and weigh them down:). As for any other tips I'd say use a microfibre towel or a cotton T-shirt to dry your hair. Never rub your hair with the towel but always scrunch it towards your head to encourage your waves to be more defined! Also don't forget to deep condition but not too often! Good luck!! 
First answerer gave great advice. If you decide you don't like vinegar you can use lemon juice as well. I mix mine in with my cowash (Tresemme Botanique conditioner) leave it on for a couple minutes and rinse it out. For my leave-in conditioner I use Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla...it is very light, like water even and seems to work well so my hair doesn't get weighed down. I use a flour cloth (walmart kitchen towel area) to plop my hair in and then diffuse for only a couple minutes and then leave it alone until completely dry. After that I crunch out the gel cast. Just some other tips to consider. Hope they help. :o)