Is my hair too conditioned or not enough?

I have a confession. I'm a newbie and it is because...I permed my hair. (Yes, I have envied curlies for so long that I took the plunge. I want to be like you!)The perm looks really good, they say.Anyway, I have 2c wavy hair. My hair is RIDICULOUSLY fine and it is not dense. If I'm not careful, with ponytails, you can see scalp. I also live in the desert, so there is no humidity to help with volume. So, I'm CGing and I was conditioning (not every wash) the scalp. I've messed around with just the scalp, just the roots, just the ends, leave in, wash out, do the hokey pokey and turn myself around.As the day goes on, my hair starts to become straight and limp. If I look online, the forums all say YOU DON'T CONDITION ENOUGH! My curly friends (Not CG girls) in real life say "woman, put down the conditioner and use this alcohol-filled gel."My hair is so soft, it is like puppy fur. I really can't imagine it being that dry. I guess...I'm feeling lost. I'm so new to curly life and don't want to keep throwing $ out the door to try new products.I currently have Trader Joe's tea tree conditioner, though I've cut back (see: too or not conditioned?).I have Ion Daily Solutions styling gel, which I don't like the smell of. I tried shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie which had to get washed out (and I used hardly any at all). I have the best luck with putting the gel on soaking wet hair and then plopping and a tiny bit of diffusing. I would love any help you guys can offer.

1 Answer

The first step is go natural and don't get perms... Love your hair girl! I don't think its the conditioner that would be giving you that problem so much as the routine. Product and routine I would would use a cleansing conditioner instead of just conditioner because the cleansing one will clean some of the excess oil that may be weighing down your hair and not letting it curl while still stripping your hair of its its natural oil and keeping your hair soft. I would also recommend rinsing all the cleansing conditioner out and finding a use a light hold gel like deva curl light defining gel to give your hair hold without weighing it down. Tip: it you get little clips and pinch the tops of your head and clip it when wet and let it dry like that it will give you extra volume and your hair wont look as thin. Hope this helps