I've stopped fighting my natural texture but I'm struggling w my waves. Recs for flyaways? See pic

I have these flyaways on my top layer make my hair look terrible! Recs? I need more moisture? Oil?

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Hello fellow 2c (as you can see no two heads of hair, even the same curl pattern are exactly alike)! It will take some experimentation. I always recommend returning products whenever you can when they don't work out and you know that they can be returned! Use that money for the next experiment. First it will be helpful to know your porosity. Put a hair in a glass of water and let it sit. If it floats it's Low Porosity. If it floats it's High Porosity and can handle a lot more moisturizing products with less build up. That's an important thing to know. If you aren't familiar with it, I'd look into the Curly Girl Method as it will give you loads of great tips to help you find your healthy happy most moisturized hair. Highlights are only detangle when wet in the shower, don't use a towel use a T-shirt, don't wash daily. Don't shampoo every wash if you can avoid it. (A light conditioner like VO5 can work great for in between washes). Apply product soaking wet, then scrunch out the wetness after. There are more tips too...I like Shea moisture brand as they have lots of options, Target carries some, as do the drugstores and Ulta. There are some great Youtube peeps with similar hair types to check out: Rockyncurls, The Polished Curl, Waterlily 716, CurlyKatMarie and ShalimarCat. Here is my routine just for informative purposes with my current favorite products:Wash: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus or Red Bush (baby section). Condition: SM Yucca & Plantain conditioner Deep Conditioner: SM Manuka Honey. After the shower...few spritzes of SM Coconut & Hibiscus Dry Oil Mist in my hands and applied to my ends. Then: SM Yucca & Plantain Styling Milk. Original Curl Keeper. DermOrganic Volume Foam (mousse- 4 pumps). Some kind of sea salt spray at roots. Scrunch out the wetness with a T-shirt then apply one more pump of mousse. Now that sounds like a lot but I live in a very humid climate and travel a lot on very dry airplanes! So I have had to find what works for me. Being newer to this, I would start with a sulfate free shampoo a good conditioner (that you can use a small amount as a leave in) and a hold product. I like this mousse but the Styling Milk is also a fave and what I use to scrunch into my hair on day 2 to revive the curls. I know that's a lot but hopefully it gives you some ideas and maybe a direction in which to head. Happy curls!
quick fix is herbal essence mouse in number 2. It's very light and you could smooth it right over the fly aways