Learning to embrace my waves/curls???

I NEED EVERYONES HELP!!! This is my first time on Naturally Curly. I've been reading forums on here lately, and I believe I've finally figured out my hair type. I believe it's 2b/2c (I'll leave pics below). Anyways, my hair has recently started to get more wavy/curly over the past year. I'm very low maintenance, so I never took care of my hair. This past year I've really committed to making my hair healthy and embracing my natural hair. I need some recommendations on some awesome products that will hold curls, keep frizz down, and not leave my hair greasy/crunchy. I don't use any heat on my hair. However, my hair is VERYYYY prone to frizz. I use Moroccan oil and a defrizz serum mixed together. But these don't help hold my curls. So, I really need EVERYONES help!!!!Pictures below are the sides and back of my hair. Oh, also, my hair is EXTREMELY thick. Should I keep my hair shorter or longer? Or does it really matter?

1 Answer

Hey! I was in your shoes a few years ago. I'm glad you're embracing your curls. I'm between 2b and 2c as well. What I recommend is to do the curly girl method meaning clarify and then never use sulfates again. As I Am has a good cowash and Suave conditioners are good for cleansing as well. Maybe if I list my routine it could also help enhance your curls and control frizz. After cleansing your hair dry your hair with a tshirt and do a LOC method (leave in, oil and a cream product) you can even do a LOCG (which means add gel after). The products I use are either the same Suave cowash or As I Am leave in, I use any Shea Moisture oil or extra virgin olive oil then I move on to Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie. Scrunch these products into your hair. Oh yeah, don't forget to do deep treatments on your hair. I hope this helps