Long 2c hair with straight underlayer- cut/style help!

I have fairly long 2c hair with a straight underlayer. I just got a bad, barely layered cut from a student a month or so ago and need a new one! I kind of want to keep growing my hair out but I also just found out about the CG method so I need help choosing a cut. I also now need to reevaluate how to use my aveda products. My ends are dry and my scalp has been dry and flaky (seborrheic dermatitis or so I'm told). Any experience or help combatting these issues?

3 Answers

i have your exact same hair type! 2c/3a curls with a totally straight under layer! i hate it! i've found what helps scalp issues is coconut oil ( anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties, and AMAZING for hair) scalp massage and then ACV rinse throughly coating the scalp. get a spray bottle and really get in there. of course you can get medicated stuff, and if its bad you should but those are good natural, cheap, easy to find solutions. i've also heard neem oil is great. 
ACV is apple cider vinegar , you dilute it in water ( like one part ACV for every 2 parts water or 3 parts water) and use enough coconut oil to cover your scalp, there's no harm in using too much! i'd use the unprocessed organic kind if you can find it
Had this issue a long time ago, I got rid of it with Nizoral shampoo, every other day, the use baby shampoo after that. once a week oil scalp with tea tree oil mix. be very gentle , scalp massage too. I will get better. takes time. I am 2b  with straight on top and under layer too. good luck..