How long does it take to see true wavy hair again?

As a kid and now a 55yo adult, I've treated my hair as if it was straight.  I always thought it was.  Now I see waves (2A I think.  I'm a newbie) and want to encourage this! How long does it take for a former straight-haired gal to fully reveal her natural curl/wave pattern using the curly girl techniques? Or could I be fooled into thinking my hair is wavy when in fact it really is straight?  How can I tell?

1 Answer

Well that depends, on how healthy your hair is, if you treat it as straight or curly and the products you use. So if your hair is completely healthy it will show its true pattern in no time, if your hair is not that healthy it would be good to cut off all the damaged areas, cut off all the products that may contribute to damage and wait. I recommend you to apply a strong holding gel on your wet hair and see the pattern it forms when wet and dry, that's how I knew someone told me use flavorless gelatin on your hair, I did and saw it 2b waves on my hair. It was only then that I thought it might be curly. Anyway put the gel on and see if you do get defined waves then your hair may have potential for more and using the CG method will help you greatly.It took me about 2 years to fully reveal my pattern, but I was a teen I had no idea of what was happening to my hair and I wasn't on CG. Once I dropped all those straight hair products and got curly hair products it went from a 2a to a 2C with some 3a parts. I lost my patter due to winter, dye and heat damage. I'm just a couple of weeks on CG and it has improved greatly it went from a spring factor of 3 inches to a spring factor of 8 inches.Give it a try it will surprise you and your hair will look great even if your waves stay as 2a but you will only know its true pattern once you gave it a chance :)