Looking for some suggestions for products/ways to style 2c(?) out of control hair

I have had short hair for years and now that it's getting long again my waves/curls are coming back, but I'm really struggling to tame them, when I let my hair air dry it just turns into a huge frizzy mane, I think I am a 2b/c, possible even going into a 3 but I'm really not sure, I'm new to all this! My hair is very thick, coarse and dry. I have managed to tame it a little today with some coconut oil and salt spray, but it's not amazing. So basically I'm looking for some product suggestions that will help define my curls/waves and keep the frizz at bay! Also styling tips would be greatly appreciated, should I use a diffuser and blow dry? Or just air dry? I've never diffused as I always thought it would just make the frizz worse, but after watching YouTube tutorials it seems like it does help wavy hair. Please help me my hair is crazy! 

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