How to manage type 2b/2c wavy hair

Hello fellow curly/wavy girls! I'm new to this site but have just started letting my natural waves flow free. For the longest time, I used to blow-dry and straighten my hair every other day. It got to the point where after a day of having "straight" hair, it would begin to flip on the ends the next day. When I take a shower, my hair immediately forms defined waves such as someone with 2B/2C waves. Here are my two biggest problems so far:1. My hair gets frizzy all around and I find that the waves aren't as defined once they dry. I've tried gels such as Alaffia Beautiful Curls: Wavy to Curly. It works good except not all my waves stay defined as some turn into more 2A waves. Also, if I take a shower at night, my waves the next morning lose all definition and appear flat.2. For shampoo/conditioner I've tried Mineral Fusion Curl Care but still my hair is very frizzy. I'm really trying to use all natural, sulfate-free products hence the organic products. Also, my hair tends to get very oily so I try to stay away from any Moroccan type products.What do I need to do to keep my defined waves DEFINED and reduce the amount of frizz they get? Thanks much!

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Hi ParisFrance137, Welcome to NaturallyCurly! Frizz is one of the biggest problems around here. It sounds like you're doing the right things, but what do you dry your hair with? For frizz free waves, it's best if you use a microfiber towel or a t-shirt. Trust me, you'll notice the difference. Also, be very gentle with your waves when you dry them. Pat them dry and try not to touch them while they're drying. I also recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase. It's gentle on the hair and will help prevent the frizzy flyaways. As for definition, this is tricky. It's normal to have multiple hair types on your head. The majority of my waves are 2b, but some strands just don't curl as well and fall like 2a. This is normal. My advice is to embrace it and not try to get all of yours strands to look identical. You can, however, use certain products and techniques to get more definition. For some strange reason, aloe vera gel provides awesome definition. I recommend applying this before your styling product. Then, apply a light gel using prayer hands (put your hair between your hands) and then scrunch scrunch scrunch. I strongly recommend styling your hair when it's really wet. Like, just got out of the shower wet. Your hair will be more defined. Watch this video to see the prayer hands technique. Skip to 1:24. :) Good luck!
If you're staying away from sulfates then it sounds like you might benefit from checking out the Curly Girl Method (aka "CG"). Here's more info about the CG Method:'s a list of products that are CG-approved: defined curls that are not too crunchy I recommend the Jakeala Flaxseed Gel. It's very very light, even liquidy. I know the ingredients aren't damaging and it's not too heavy for wavy hair.
Search on here for plopping and pixie curl diffusing.  I have started doing both and my curls are way more defined and bouncy.  I put gel in while my hair is very wet, plop for 15mins, take out plop, air dry for a little while, then pixiecurl diffuse.