My mom hates my hair

Over the summer I started wearing my hair curly all the time instead of straightening it. While my friends love it, my mom hates it. She always makes comments like "All of the other girls have such pretty flowing hair and yours is just ugly." And "I don't know what you're doing wrong your hair just looks so awful and you're going to ruin it forever." All of my friends have straight hair so she just compares it to theirs. I cowash but my mom is always trying to get me to use different sulfate shampoos that she uses. I get that she thinks she's helping but I LIKE MY HAIR and she doesn't understand all of the things I've learned about hair. Please tell me if my hair really does look bad and how i can fix it.

4 Answers

Okay, first of all, do not allow anyone to make you feel insecure about your hair. Your hair doesn't look bad at all! Going natural might be a change for the people in your environment, but after all we do it for ourselves right? Cowashing is great and you probably already know what sulfates &cones do to curly hair. Maybe you could show your mom some pictures of damaged hair caused by straightening, cause that's something that might ruin your hair forever instead of being natural like she says, no offence. Treat your hair well and wear it with confidence. Once they see it they'll learn to love it too. Wavy/curly hair is the most flowing&bouncing type, straight hair is just..straight.( no offence to straight-haired girls)
i don't know what your mom is talking about! your hair is gorgeous! and it looks healthy at that. People have been brainwashed into thinking that straight hair is the only acceptable hair texture. i get the same grief from my grandmother (i live with her). i took me so long to accept and actually grow to love my curls! your hair is amazing and your mom just doesnt understand and probably wont but that comes from the ignorance of society, especially if you share the same texture, then you hasnt excepted all of herself. keep rocking your curly waves! your hair is beautiful!
You have beautiful mermaid's hair. People will always dislike what they don't understand and we live in a culture where straight hair revered as the ideal. Fortunately, wavy and curly hair is gaining more and more acceptance. You wouldn't believe how many straight-haired people have commented saying they wish they had my hair. Why change something so unique in you? 
Your hair is gorgeous and it looks so healthy! It could just be that your mom has some kind of deep-seated issue with her own hair and is just putting it on your hair.