Most of my hair curls naturally, but a few strands of it stick out. Advice on how to prevent this?

I have type 2C hair and the strands that stick out remain straight, but curl at the roots. I've tried parting it differently but it looks terrible on me. 

5 Answers

Im right there with ya hahahwhat I would do is just spray a little hairspray on your brush and comb it like that. Also you could spray some water on your hair and see if it keeps it in place. (:
I have 2C hair too, you could add a small amount of styling product (some products encourage hair to curl) to those areas when wet and then scrunch them to encourage them to clump and curl. I also find it helps if I twirl that hair around my finger before I scrunch to get the curl to form. If not... you could always try a curling wand, just be sure to use a heat protectant first. 
try a protein treatment if thatt work then try diffrent proudcts becuse it mite be that whats making my hair shed
I recommend a curl enhancing mousse. I like Design Essentials and Moroccan Oil mousse. It usually helps the straight strands curl up and blend in. :) 
I have the same problem and I think I finally figured it out! Try a lighter product on throws parts because while the rest of your hair needs the control it is too heavy for the streighter parts