My hair is wavy & very thick but the bottom is becoming thin & straight how can i make it more curly

4 Answers

Is you hair long? Is it Layered? How much product are you using?If your hairs long and thick, the bottom of you hair is getting pulled down by gravity, But I have had this and I just use the scrunching method and i apply a gel and twirl it around my finger, this causes the hair to curl. You may be using too much product and it is weighing down your hair, try to cut back a little and see what happens.Hope I helped :)
My hairs just past shoulder length and ive got a few layers but they are quite long. I usually brush through my hair with mousse and use a little leave in conditioner. Ill take your advice on bored thank you so much!
I have the same problem, i havent figured out how to fix it yet but it is quite common for curlies to have super curly hair on top and smoother wavy hair undernith
When my under layer misbehaves I wet it a bit and diffuse it dry so it dries tighter, or I finger-curl damp sections and keep them pinned until completely dry.