Need help with my lots of fine, 2a-ish hair.

I have fine hair, but a lot of it. It is finer in certain areas. I have a few areas that are curly, some that are wavy, and some that are straight (those areas don't hold a curl even with a curling iron). My hair is fine so even if on first day hair it is sleek and shiny and not frizzy, by day two the ends are frizz and bent in a million directions (not in a wavy, cute way - but like a dog chewed on them). My hair was not always this fine but something in the water of the place we lived the past few years changed my hair considerably from medium and straight to fine and wavy. We had extremely hard water that we softened. We now have hard water that we do not soften which oddly has slightly improved my hair. None of the waves are very well shaped, they're kinda scraggly. I got a hair cut the other day to put layers in my long-medium hair. An improvement, but the stylist said she had only seen one other person with hair like mine in all her career. Any tips for dealing with this hair? I hate to wash it every day, but it's the only way it's manageable. Please, any and all suggestions welcome!

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