Need Help - Low Porosity, Fine 2b Waves, Naturally Oily Skin, Oil-Free Conditioners, DIY Tonics

Loaded question here. I have low porosity 2b waves and naturally oily skin. Whenever I use anything with oil my hair looks great for about an hour then it slowly starts to fall. The next day after a wash it is oily and stringy at the roots. I use baking soda to lift the cuticle up, which works great, but I am having trouble finding the right conditioner. I know some of you might screech at this, but I used to only use baking soda with no moisturizer and I would have happy 2c waves instead of dry 2b waves like I do now. However, that was when I lived in a humid East Coast environment with well water. My skin is naturally oily so my hair never felt dry. But now, I live in a dry West Coast environment with hard water. Help....I tried Alba's leave-in conditioner and Griffin Remedy leave-in right after a baking soda wash, then I used a diffuser on low heat to work in the product. Again, looked great for an hour, then flat, then stringy the next day. They both have oil in them and I think shea butter in Griffin Remedy. Was using DevaCurl wavy conditioner with wave cream, but I'm not impressed enough to buy it again, Curl creams always seem to dry my hair out. Trying to go chemical-free or least chem's as possible.Any recommendations for oil-free conditioners? Has anyone tried the editor's recommendations ( am also wondering if anyone has ever tried using a tonic, like tea water, rose water, etc in place of conditioner. Or something like Oyin Handmade hair tonic. I used to spray rose water on dry hair in the mornings, which was so so, but am wondering for low porosity hair is it better to just wash with it? Is it better to use a tonic instead of a conditioner for my hair type?Last thing, I have just a few blonde highlights around my face growing out and I'm trying to baby them without oil. Any tips?

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