New to CG. Am I 2a/2b/2c?! My hair seems to be different types of waves!

Okay so basically I have been doing the CG method for a few weeks now. I use vo5 conditioner and no shampoo. For products I've been simply using got2b kinkier mousse. I'm so confused as to what products to use because I don't know my hair type. Some parts seem like a 2a but some seem like 2b or maybe 2c. With the first picture it looks like 2a but the second and third picture has hair clumps that look more like 2b or c. Also it seems like the top layer is straighter than the bottom layer. I'm so confused. What is my hair type and what types of products should I use?! My hair is really confused and I don't know what to do. 

3 Answers

2a maybe 2b
These might be better pictures of my hair.
Your hair is 2a with potential for 2b.  If you want to bring out more of your wave consider getting layers.   Also, once you've figured out your porosity and texture look for others on CurlTalk with your properties for product suggestions.  Curl pattern isn't as important as porosity and texture in figuring out the best way to care for it.