New to CG & I have 2b/2c hair with high porosity! I need tips on how to care for my hair!

Hey girls!I have 2b/2c hair with high porosity and I'm new to actually taking proper care of it! It's always very dry & can get frizzy easily. Also it resists curls on the top layer! I need some suggestions for products (shampoo & conditioner) to wash my hair or cowash (so I've heard) my hair! How often should I wash or cowash? Also what products should I use to make my hair completely curly after I get out of the shower? (Gel, leave in conditioner recommendations?) Also I need some product suggestions to maintain second day hair. Please try and keep the hair products affordable because I am in college and can't afford high end products at the moment, unless it's a product I shouldn't be living without! I'll post some pics of my hair below. Thanks in advance :)

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Leave in suggestion would be As I Am leave in conditioner. It's light and moisturizing. If your hair tangles, try Kinky Curly Knot Today. It is much beloved by all hair types. Both can be found at Targets.Try a sulfate free shampoo. All sulfate free shampoos feel pretty much the same to me. I do however adore the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner line. The masque in that line is phenomenal. You definitely want to start deep conditioning once a week. I only use the shea moisture deep treatment masques. I would shampoo, then gently wring out your hair, apply the deep conditioner, then use a processing cap or plastic shopping bag to retain heat. Wear it for an hour or however long you'd like. You can find Shea Moisture products almost anywhere that sells hair products.Cowashing would be using any silicone free conditioner. Most people use either the Suave essentials conditioners or a V05 conditioner to cowash. I would follow up with a legit conditioner afterwards since they are not moisturizing.Styling products will be up to you. I would start with leave in and see how your hair reacts. Most wavy hair does not like gels, and many use mousses instead. This however is not a set rule.  I use eco styler gel which can be found at Sallys and surprisingly Bi Lo. Gel does weigh down hair so unless you have unwanted puffiness and volume, wait and see if its something you want to try. Leave in is a must though.Second day hair is just protecting it overnight. Some people refresh with just water. Some use products. Some are like me and take my hair out of a pineapple, shake and fluff at the roots, and go. It depends. Look for how short haired ladies protect their hair since your hair doesn't look like it will all go into a pineapple.How often you wash your hair will depend on you. I started out every other day, then went to every three days, sometimes I'm lazy and go 4-5 days. You need to wash when your hair is oily/greasy or in my case when it is dry and starving for moisture. Some will disagree about washing when it's dry since some people can simply wet their hair and apply a product and be well on their merry way. If my hair gets wet, it needs to be completely washed and restyled. I cowash during the week and use a sulfate free shampoo on weekends. Co wash whenever you're pressed for time, and shampoo whenever you have time to deep condition afterwards.Try to follow the curly girl method. Avoid sulfates (on a regular basis), silicones, and drying alcohols. One word of caution, I find that not using a sulfate shampoo every so often will cause stealth buildup. If your hair randomly gets dry and frizzy and no amount of conditioning will help, try clarifying with a sulfate shampoo. Any sort of strange anomalies tend to be cured with a good clarifying shampoo followed by deep conditioning.Best of luck!
To Isabel,I wanted to link an article so I just chose to add a second answer. Confession up front is that I have never used an actual "cowash" product. I do in the future want to try the As I Am Cowash that everyone raves about. When I started out, I used what everyone at the time seemed to use which was the Suave Naturals (now called Essentials) Tropical Coconut conditioner as a cowash. For most curly hair, this is not moisturizing and did need to be followed up with a legit conditioner. It is my understanding that the scrubbing motion with the pads of the fingers is what matters the most to lift debris.See an article linked below from NaturallyCurly explaining the difference. you find that cowashes are more moisturizing and do not need a follow up conditioner? I'm curious... Like I've said, I've never actually tried a cowash, but the cheapie silicone conditioners is enough to remove sweat and what little oil my hair produces.Now to the sulfate question. I recommend this because of my slightly traumatizing experience and people on CurlTalk tend to have a similar problem after a while on the curly girl method as well. About three months starting the curly girl method, my hair got so dry. It tangled, it broke off, it always frizzed, and I couldn't even get a comb through it. I continued on the method religiously for another three months. I tried deep conditioning, no products, products, sulfate free clarifiers. Everything. Nothing helped, and my hair was literally breaking off. One day, I got so fed up and said screw it. I bought a sulfate clarifying shampoo and used it. Because why not? My hair was horrible. What else could happen? So I used it. After I used it and felt my hair, my hair felt even worse. At that point, I used my most moisturizing deep conditioner (Shea Moisture Manuka Honey one... I love that masque). Once I put it in my hair, my hair turned to butter. The tangles melted away. After deep conditioning, my hair was back to normal. It was "stealth" product buildup. I couldn't even feel the buildup on my hair. I've been slightly traumatized that I use my sulfate clarifier once a month just in case. The shampoo doesn't even dry my hair out anymore. It was just so dry the first time that it exacerbated the issue. In summary, sulfates are not damaging, but they are drying which is why they shouldn't be used everyday. They should also be followed up by a deep conditioner to restore moisture. If someone has any hair anomalies that are new, a sulfate clarifier acts as a reset. Some people never experience buildup on the curly girl method; others do. It is a personal preference for your hair.I know this was long, but this is just my personal preference and what my hair likes. Everyone is an individual with unique hair. While we can definitely help each other out with suggestions, we do have to do what's best for us and our hair even if it feels like we're the only ones doing it that way.