New to CG where do I begin?! Overwhelmed with product options!

i am brand new to the whole CG thing and I have type 2a/2b hair. I now know that I hate how my hair feels with regular shampoo and prefer low poo and all natural products. I don't even know where to begin with products. I looked at devacurl but it doesn't seem to be all that natural like they claim. I've spent so much time researching and am now bombarded with info. What do I go and buy??!!

1 Answer

I don't think most of the products on this site are all natural. So I would suggest going to a naturist store and you will find more natural products. I started with a sulfate free comercial shampoo and it was great to restore my hair, but I wanted to go more natural so one day in an organic and natural products market I found a lady that makes shampoos, the shampoo has only 4 ingredients, it's made of a base of coconut oil with aloe vera, oregano and camomile. The conditioner has only 3 ingredients. At first it seemed to dry up my hair but as I kept using it my hair feels softer and looks shinny. So your best bet is doing it by yourself or finding someone that does it. It will be a bit more expensive that the drug store products because it is artesanal and all that. As for styling products, you can google or youtube DIY gels, styling creams and sprays. It is very easy and heap to do it. I was doing a gelatin gel it worked great on my hair, but I'm going protein free so I got a store bought gel. Anyway you can find many recipes that don't requiered much and work well.I do recommend you to go natural because is better for your hair and the environment and cheap for the pocket. Good luck!