New to CG Method, unsure of type

I have called myself naturally wavy for years, but I am not sure that is entirely accurate. The attached pics were taken this morning...Last night's routine was a sulfate-free shampoo (Aquage) a Wella conditioner (Brilliance, I think) followed by towel drying, wide tooth combing, and ISO Tamer Foam (which has cones, I know. I had not researched the CGM yet.) Then I didn't touch it.  It was a bit damp when I went to sleep. This morning I combed with a wide tooth comb and ran my hands through it with some Argan Oil.I have no idea if my hair is capable of being coaxed into actual curls but I am willing to give the method a shot. (No cones, No shampoo, extra conditioner, plopping with a towel, got it.)My question is this - I get highlights a few times a year, and lowlights to cover my grey. Does embracing the natural curl mean having to embrace the natural color??  I hate to get my hair to look all curly and glorious only to find out that my regular highlights are going to turn it back into straw.I'm self-diagnosing here, but I think my hair is 2c - it is thick, porous, and frizzy no matter what (I fear it's the bleach.)ANY advice is GREATLY appreciated! You are all lovely!

2 Answers

the texture sounds like a 2C, but the curl pattern looks like maybe a 2a or 2b at the most..i see waves, but no actual defined curls even thought your hair is very short. bleach is really bad for your hair, it destroyed my curl pattern on the underneath of my hair so the least you can do with your hair the better it will be. look into honey hair lighting is last night, hair still damp. Same diagnosis?