New here and need some advice.

I am sure you hear his a lot but I have no idea where to start with my hair! I have read about the CG method but I also read it may not be good for wavy hair. I used to straighten my hair daily but I would love to wear it naturally. Please help! 

2 Answers

The curly girl works wonderfully on wavy hair! Just remember to stop straitening and us lighter weight products for your wavy hair.  You might be surprised at just how curly your hair really is once you fully embrace it!
One last sulfate shampoo is a great place to start to clarify your hair of any build up and silicones. Here are some inexpensive places to start. I would condition with Suave Naturals or Tresemme Naturals conditioner.  If you feel your hair needs a leave in I would try a small amount of your rinse out conditioner. Then try a gel like LA Looks and plop for quite a while! You should be able to coax some extra waves out this way. Scrunch out any crunch and if you need to re-shape at your roots/part add a little water. If you want to try and co-wash V05 condish is nice and light (strawberry, pomegranate, raspberry are good ones). But Shea Moisture super fruit 10 in 1 is a great shampoo you could use every wash if you don't feel like co-washing is right for you. I use a spray bottle with some water and V05 mixed for a refresher on 2nd day hair and then scrunch. Start with less conditioner in the mix for your hair type (you can always add more). Hope that gives you a little push into the CG journey! Best!