(Newbie here) NC Hair Porosity test tells me I'm High Porosity, yet hair floats in the water test?

Apologies if the title is too verbose and even more apologies if a question like this has been posted a thousand times before!I've recently started to become more interested in haircare and I thought it'd be wise to find out the porosity levels of my hair. I did the water test both times and my hair floated (even after an hour of floating) however, after taking the Naturally Curly test it seems my hair could be high porosity?Could it be a possibility that high porosity hair could float due to how fine it is?I am hesitant to go forth with any treatments before I definitely know which side of the spectrum I am as I don't want to do even more damage!My hair type is 2a and is likely still very damaged through the copious straightening and dyeing I did around five years ago.I was just wondering if anyone could give any expert insight or better tips to determine my porosity :)

1 Answer

The water test is actually a really poor way to see the porosity of your hair. I don't know how that whole thing started but lol it's not that great. Here's one article saying why. It's backed by little science. That being said, there are characteristics that low porosity, high porosity, and medium porosity hair all have to set themselves apart. The test you took most likely goes by the characteristics like "When your hair is wet does water bounce off of it or does it absorb water quickly?" I would go by what the TEST told you and void the strand test. Those characteristics don't lie while the water test is quite unreliable. Hope this helps! xo :)