Oily, Wavy, Fine, and Crunched for Time.

I have fine, medium thickness, 2b hair. Because my hair is so long- nearly to my hips when fully straight- it tends to weigh itself down and look undefined unless I use a curl cream, or other product. If I just cleanse and air dry looks less wavy and more just... confused. Almost like badly straightened curly hair. My hair is also very fine, making it tangle Immediately after brushing/straightening if I try to go that route (No joke, I carried around a hairbrush the entirety of 7th grade and would brush my hair every 10-20 minutes to keep it from getting matted. so that's not exactly practical). Just to add insult to injury, my scalp is also very oily, especially now as a teenager, and though the rest of my hair still needs moisture, I need to shampoo at least every other day and make sure to avoid getting conditioner or sculpting products too close to my scalp.The best way I've found for me to do my hair (and it still leaves my hair fairly oily by the end of the day) is to wash it every morning and use a product like Deva Curl's "Low-Poo" most days with the addition of a regular shampoo about once or twice a week, and then use conditioner for wavy hair, but make absolute sure not to get it on my scalp at all. I then need to apply curl cream all over my hair while it is still fully wet and scrunch with a t-shirt or microfiber towel, before blowing it dry with a diffuser and carrying on with the rest of my morning routine. However normally I shower at night, and I'll tell you why: If i were to do that full hair routine in addition to my normal morning routine and still get to school on time I would need to get up at, wait for it... 4:25 AM! And I am not a morning person, and I can't do that daily. I need to shower and style my hair mostly at night. Now, this is I'm trying to get at- How do I keep My waves defined, my scalp clean, and my hair looking and feeling good, all without tacking more than 15-30 extra minutes to my mornings? So far, it has proven impossible, and I'd be very happy with even just one dilemma solved. Mainly I just want defined waves without making people think I haven't cleaned my hair in weeks. A quick edit: before you even suggest it, I've tried the curly girl method, and in it's purest "don't/rarely use shampoo, co-wash instead" form, does not work for me. at all. I need to cleanse my hair with shampoo at least every other or maybe every third day. 

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