please help identify my hair type

my hair used to be very nice long and thick unfortunately thyroid disease has taken its toal and my hair is much thinner. when I airdry it it is a frizzy ugly mess, I have heard my hair is either 2a 2b or 2c it is also coarse and dry. My goal is to stop heat styling as right now after I air dry it I either have to straighten it or curl it to make it look decent. Can some one please tell me what to do, what products to use and just help. I am actuall depressed over my hair; I also colour iit every 12-16 weeks to cover grey and help it become shiner as it is dull looking please look at photos

1 Answer

I'd say you're a 2b.  Yes, I think it would be good to stop heat styling, unless you want to do a little diffusing....a lot of curlies find that diffusing til their hair is about 75% dry works best. Let it air dry the rest of the way. Also, if you're taking Synthroid, you might ask about one of the natural alternatives. Synthroid can wreak havoc on the hair, whereas desiccated thyroid seems to be less stressful to hair, according to some.