ploppong only helped part of my hair?

I have really long 2c hair, and decided to try plopping it and left it in overnight. While the top part of my hair (roots to about chin) is much better than I've seen it in a long time, the lower part of my hair, which normally has pretty well defined 2c/3a curls/waves, was frizzy, messy and lost a lot of its normal texture. What happened? 

1 Answer

it might be you're plopping too tight? or your hair is too short, i plop my hair with a t shirt too dry it for maybe 30 minutes before i diffuse it, when ive tried too dry it in the past by plopping, the top layer was really defined and frizz free but the underlayer was majorly stretched out and frizzy so i only plop too get the excess water out before i diffuse or air dry