Product recommendations for new Wavy

I am a CG newbie, and would love some product recommendations!  Here are my "stats" as far as I know:I think I am 2bLength grazes my shouldersFine / medium hairMedium / high densityMedium porosity (some balayage highlights)Medium elasticityNot damaged or overprocessed; Used to straighten with round brush a few times a week, but also wore wavy.I live in a Mid-Atlantic state, so humidity is nasty in the summer.  Not so humid right now.So far, my hair has reacted well to Ouidad Playcurl.  Plopping gave me weird curl shape.  Tried gel cast once with LA Looks gel, got nice formation but curls looked a little stretched.  I use a diffuser for time purposes in the morning.  Dreaming of bouncing, soft curls that I can get a 2nd day out of!

1 Answer

I highly recommend Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie. It is a little thick and works well on thicker, coarser hair so if you have medium hair then I suggest you try it but only use a little until you see how it works in your hair. I diffuse after applying it to damp hair. And scrunch your hair as much as possible before drying it!