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I have had dreadlocks for almost 5 years. Just combed them all out and discovered my hair is slightly more curly than wavy. Every day it gets more and more defined. I've had my dreads out for a week now. I have type 2b/c I believe. Medium porosity and thickness, but it's thin right now from the dread tension. I'm expecting regrowth in the next year. Anyway, how can I style my hair to keep the curls all day without drying them out or weighing them down. No crunchies, organic preferred, free of all sulfates paraben and silicone ect.. I've been plopping and I want to avoid using any heat when styling my hair. I want to take really good care of it so my curls thrive. I use acure organics right now, and the conditioner I leave in overnight with the plop. 

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This is my hair