Two part question, forsake definition for body?

I have partly 2c/3a hair. I know how to get really good definition, but I lack the volume and body I would rather have. This pic is freshly washed hair, air dried (plopped) with NO product (including conditioner). I have more body and fullness but lack the definition. Does this mean this is as curly (or wavy) as I really am or do I just need a protein treatment perhaps? BTW, no heat damage get regular trims etc) so I believe my hair is as healthy as its gonna get?  Thanks!

3 Answers

In my opinion, I prefer body to definition. A lot of the type 3 ladies on here apply way too much product. Their hair, though defined, appears limp, flat and just sort of greasy looking. It's not very attractive, again this is my personal opinion. Big, wild, frizzy hair is stunning. If you have it,  ROCK IT. Trust me. Frizz is NOT a problem. 
Oh, and if you're Latina, it's a losing battle anyway! Our kind of curly hair frizzes no matter what we put in it! 
Yes, I am latina and perhaps thinking about frizz in a different light WOULD make it more acceptable. The body you have in that last picture is fabulous.. but the only way I'd get that is if I cut it to my shoulders or shorter.. but it certainly looks beautiful. I think I'm gonna rock my FRIZZ more often, LOL !