Rescue sun damaged hair?

I have relatively thick, wavy 2c hair. Since I am a dive master, I spend a lot of time in the sun and salt water, and my hair has completely dried out and is starting to lose curl pattern. I álternate between co-washing and sulphate-free shampoo and I always condition my hair after washing. I use coconut oil as a treatment about once a week. In an attempt to rescue my hair, I think I may have used too much moisture, as my hair now feels fluffy and weirdly soft. Do you have any tips for products or treatments, I could use? And any products that will protect my hair from sun and saltwater? Since I am based outside the US, products from retailers shipping worldwide are preferred. 

2 Answers

Hi Livaisabel, It sounds like you're doing all the right things. Cowashing is great, coconut treatments are great, but do them sparingly, otherwise you will over-moisturize your hair. Keep the treatments to once every 2 weeks, and be sure to use a clarifyer if you have product buildup. Also, use a swim cap whenever possible. As far as sun protection, NaturallyCurly just published the perfect article for you. hope you can order some of these where you are from. Good luck! 
Thank you so much, I will look into some of the products you've recommended! My hair is already feeling better, so I am optimistic!