My roots are curly but my ends are straight so how do I get it curly again?

When I was a toddler/kid I had curls type 2C or 3A something like that and as I was growing up I stooped having a full head of curls but my roots are still like that so I was wondering if there is a way I can have curls again because I'm really bored of having straight hair?P.S. I almost never use straightener I only blow dry it or sometimes use a curling iron P.P.S. I have a really thick hair if that helps in any wayThank you

1 Answer

The heat from occasionally blow drying your hair and curling it could have damaged your hair. The hair at your roots is new hair, and the ends are old and have endured the most damage. If you aren't already, try the CG method. Cut out all sulfates and silicones from your hair care routine. Naturally Curly has a ton of information about going Curly Girl. Best of luck1