What's my Curly Girl Handbook curl style?

According to the curl quiz on this website, I'm pretty sure I have 2c hair. I've been embracing the curl for about a year now, but I've been struggling with frizz lately. I bought the Curly Girl Handbook a few days ago, but I'm having trouble identifying my curl style. I would've thought I'd be wavy, but those descriptions don't apply to me or my hair. I've never believed my hair was straight. My hair is less curly now than it was when I was younger (it used to hang in ringlets). I have lots of hair, and when it's long it tends to lose its curl and look flat. At the nape of my neck, I have a few tight ringlets (but you can't see them now because of my current haircut). If it helps, I have tons of hair and the color in the picture is my natural color. Do any of you have thoughts on what my curls might be? I want to take the book's advice on caring for my curls, but I need to know which instructions to follow. :)

1 Answer

probably 2c/2b/3a