My salp is very greasy and itchy. It doesn't flake but its like i have residue on my head. Help!!

I had my second child three months ago, 2c/3a hair

2 Answers

Make sure you are washing regularly enough. While there is some variability in how often you wash from person to person I know that when I wait too long my scalp gets a little itchy. The greasy part may be confirming that. You could also be sensitive to fragrance or sulfates (harsh cleansers) or other ingredients in your shampoo. DevaCurl made my scalp itch like crazy from too many plant oils like rosemary, peppermint, etc. Shea Moisture and for that matter any shampoo I used before never did that. She Moisture has s dandruff line that many say has helped with itching. It's worth a try as they are sulfate free. Hope you find some relief as that can drive you crazy! You might try an apple cider vinegar rinse and see if that helps but if it persists, then see a Dr.
Try mild baby shampoo every other day. also , oiling your scalp might help ( I like herbal 7 from sallys) sometimes the gunk is from too much oil production because you really have a dry scalp. Hope this helps..