September last year I did the big chop. My ends are STILL straight (no heat/chem) what can i do now?

I've avoided any heat since. The curls closer to my scalp are much more defined, then about half way down my head it's all straight. I've been careful with it, not brushing harshly etc. But, my curls are very weak. If I even run my fingers through when my hair is wet, it'll be straight/ slightly wavy. I absolutely love my 2C/3A curls. It was much more defined when I was younger but it was in a much shorter style back then. Now that it's longer, it seems weighed down. Not by product buildup, just by the length. The thing is, I love my hair when it's longer (half way down my back) but the curls are weakened. My hair is layered also. Thanks.

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