severly heat damaged , bleached , frizzy , lost curl hair .

Finding this site is my final hope of being able to seek out advice on a possible solution to my awful hair . I believe my hair is 2a , bleached , shoulder length , dry , snapped and brittle .I have naturally fair hair which has always had a slight wave to it and been on the fuzzy side if left to dry naturally . I am 33 now and battled with my hair for years . It's at its all time worst . I use kerastase products which cost me a fortune and still my hair is a mess. I can't leave it to dry naturally because I look like an electrocuted sheep and I have tried every product to keep the frizz at bay to no avail . so I air dry 80% then blow dry to smooth then straighten with GHD. I always use heat protection . I am open to suggestions as to what I should do because I am now finding myself not even going out because of how horrible my hair is . Many thanks x x x

3 Answers

hello there! My hair was very damaged before I started using products with no sulfates, or silicones. Those tend to make your hair frizzy. Use less shampoo,more conditioner, hydration is key. Don't wash your hair frequently, it will dry it out, you may want to get a trim to get a new start. When hair is wet, scrunch it, dont use a regular towel to dry it, scrunch out the water with a microfiber towel, applying sheamoistures curl enhancing smoothie helps for me, to define, ALWAYS LEAVE SOME CONDITIONER IN YOUR HAIR! THAT HELPS! Using a gel should cut down on the frizz,whenhair is dry, scrunch off gel cast. Dont use heat on hair, or damaging chemicals. Hope this helps!! Good luck!!
if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Ps:trying a protein mask on your hair should help with the frizz!
hi thank you for your response . I have took some pictures this evening after I've washed and allowed to dry . You can see much more clearly what I am trying to explaine . I have tried to go sulphate free and no silicone but my hair is just so bad I end up going back to cone products because it's the only thing that will smooth my hair . I've got no make up on so thought it kinder to heart my face hahaha !!!!