How to sleep with either dry or almost dry type 2b hair overnight without a satin pillow case?

I don't want my hair to be flat in the morning and I still want my waves/curls. Please answer this ASAP 

2 Answers

Wrap it up girl! With a scarf, or if you dont have one just pineapple it if it's long enough.
Hi Penguin12, I think plopping is going to be your best bet. Sounds super weird, but if you want to keep the curls, smashing them against a t-shirt will be "scrunching" them while you sleep. Most people do it with wet hair, but try it with dry hair to see if you like it. Then, in the morning, release the t-shirt and spritz your hair with a refresher. I like Obia Curl Hydration Spray and any sort of beach spray works too. Other people are recommending pineappling, and that works too. Just be sure to get a satin scrunchie so you don't have a weird crease. Good luck! Good luck!