Stringy curls

hey guys, does anyone else with wavy hair have a hard time getting their hair to clump? My hair is pretty mixed texture. Some spots are more like 2c, other spots are 2a or almost straight, and it's pretty much 2b everywhere else. My hair is also extremely fine+damaged from bleaching. At the moment I am using mostly shea moisture products in the shower. I have the  10-in-1 renewal shampoo, African black soap deep cleansing shampoo, and the curl and shine conditioner, those are basically my go-to's. I have issues with my hair clumping consistently, it varies between sections of my hair, and it's frustrating because one of the biggest reccommendations I see is to flip your head over, but my hair does this weird thing where unless I leave my hair upside down till its completely dry, it looses all clumping when I flip my head up and becomes immediately stringy and tangly, does this happen to anyone else?? It's sooo annoying! And my hair is getting to that length where it's starting to weigh my roots down so they pull more straight and flat on my head. Does anyone else have this problem? 

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