How to style 2B Wavy Hair

I've been going between curly and straight hair (not using a straightener however) for a couple months. I can never find products for my hair that produce the best results. My hair is definitely a 2B (as pictured) but is very finicky and will not do much as of late. I've tried using "Kinky-Curly Curling Custard" and have had mixed reviews. It likes to weigh my hair down and turn it very crunchy, which I am not a fan of. With my hair type, should I be using gel or mouse? I do use a microfiber towel with my hair but it doesn't seem to help. I want my hair to be more defined but nothing has done that for me yet. I also live in the Northeast so we deal with high winds, dry air, and lots of snow.Any suggestions on what I should be using or how I should mix-up my routine would be great!!

3 Answers

I feel your pain I have 4a to 4b super fine and super low porosity hair and I also live in the North East with all of its weather craziness. I also hated the kinky curly curling custard. So what I used is the Fantasia ic olive oil styling gel you can find it in the beauty supply store it's like $4 for a big one. Its super lightweight and doesn't leave my hair crunchy or hard or dry or anything. you can also try french braids if you can braid updos or just leave it out. 
I am 2b also, I prefer light gels or curl custards Cantu defne and shine custard or new African pride curly custard.. ocassionally use ogx mousse or shea moisture.. I like non crunchy hair.Thats why I hate most mousse. You may want to try aloe based hair gelhope this helps.
Try the Devacurl Angel gel, it's light weight, but has a good hold, and after your hair is dried, you can break the 'cast' and it's soft..i love it!