Can anyone suggest a product I can spritz dry hair with to renew the dropped curls? - Type 2A/B hair

Hey all!My hairs type 2A/B and the curls drop out really easily! I'm after a product I can spritz my dry hair with in the mornings or mid day to renew the curls.Can anyone suggest a good one?LILLY X

2 Answers

Hi Lillhyatt, I can absolutely recommend some products for you! For second day hair, I suggest a good sea salt spray to give your hair a little more wave and oopmh. Try Verb Sea Salt Spray or Brooklyn Beach Hair. Be careful when using sea salts, though. Don't use them too much or they can dry out your hair. I would also recommend adding some moisture to your drooping waves in the form of a spray. Obia Curl Hydration spray offers that moisture that you need without weighing the hair down. Spray that lightly and then scrunch your hair to give it more curl. Hope this helps! 
I like shea moisture yucca mist , or for a real cheapo- Lusti organics olive oil detangler mist from doll.tree. I am 2b also , and use either one of these for refresher.