Suggestions needed for type 2c/3a on WINDY days

A little background: I started CG method two months ago and have finally found my holy grail. Co-wash with Tresemme Botanique. Leave-ins: John Frieda Dream Curls, Garnier Marvelous Oil, As I Am Curling Jelly all squished in for about two minutes each. Plop for 20 minutes. Gently finger curls in place. Diffuse the crown and do some light scrunching to get curls. For the most part my hair has become predictable with this routine although still have days where the hair on top will be wavy or almost flat. For that I use Garnier cream gel on the individual areas and coil around my finger and pin in place for about 15 minutes. Now for the question: My biggest problems in my area are very dry air and wind. I have started to pay attention to daily dewpoints and used humectant for the first time today and all is well. But...the wind is a, well, it's a real bitch. It blows the curls out and I end up with weird waves and/or frizz. Argh. Any 2s or 3s or combination out there with ideas? I have looked at hair coverings, scarves, dreadlock tubes. Just wondering what works for you and any suggestions are appreciated!!Christine

1 Answer

Found what works: I leave in the gel cast for as long as possible before entering windy conditions. Now that my hair is really healthy the wind isn't doing the damage it once did. I'm a believer in CG method!