Terrified: Hair went from 3A to 2C. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!?

DESPERATE PLEASE HELP! I am going through a very difficult time with my hair. In the past I have had 3A curls. I used to wash (ever other day with Tresemme) and blow dry on high heat with a diffuser, styling with Pantene Mousse. I rarely straightened my hair, if so, twice a year if that. Last year I decided to stop blow drying my hair (air dry only) or if I had to blow dry, med heat. I also discontinued Pantene mousse, and opted for a drug store no name serum. Doing this, my hair became 2C and very stringy. It looked like chow mein, oddly. My thought process was that since I was no longer using a holding product like the gel/mousse, my curls lost their "memory"  that the holding products used to help retain.  2 months ago I cut off 4 inches, because my hair easily becomes weighed down and even more wavy. 2 weeks ago I went sulfate and silicone free to see if that would help. My routine is to shampoo with Deva curl, condition with Suave Naturals coconut. I wrap my hair in a towel (I haven't tried t-shirts or microfiber, because frizz isn't really my problem). Then after 1 minute I take it out of the towel and comb with wide toothed comb. Then flip my head upside down, scrunch with Deva curl gel and blow dry with a diffuser. My issue is that my curls are still wavy and not 3A, they are not defined, very stringy and lose volume by the end of the day. I have fine hair, so volume is very important to me. Also 2nd day hair is sooooo bizarre. the curls are so misshapen and are full of strange kinks. I have to put it half down or pony tail by day two and on day three wash again. Seeking: lionlike volume lol, 3A curls, lots of defined curls that are clumped together and n longer stringy. 

2 Answers

I can't be certain if this is your problem, but I experienced something similar when I used a line of products with silicones for some years-- that made me wonder if it was the no name serum (typically these are silicone) that has changed your curl behavior. You might try a clarifying shampoo to rid your hair of the 'cones, then deep condition, and try going back to the products that worked for you before, or experiment with lighter products for fine hair. 
I have only just recently started letting my hair be natural. i straightened it for 10 years. I went sulfate and silicone free just over a week ago. To begin with, my hair was stringy and wavy, I thought my hair was now a type 2. I thought I had lost my ringlets. Today, I have a lot of ringlets! Have you tried only finger combing your hair? There is also a squish and condish method you could try. Here is the link:http://www.thereoncewasacurl.com/blog/squish-to-co...