"Test" claims I'm 2a, but my hair is coarse, not fine. Do i take it with a grain of salt?

Basically, my question above states it all. I have coarse, dense, high porosity, um... Well, I can't remember all of it. But 2a is stated as being fine, and my hair is far from that. See photo. Do I just say 2a in general since the waves aren't as S shaped? Thanks!

3 Answers

Hi , I don't really go by tests or other guidelines. I tell most people ny hair is fine 2b curly ( best its just easier)lol. but technically, my hair has 2b, 2a , and 3c curls. and some straight under neath and on top. Also, I have mostly fine strands mixed in with coarse strands that are very thick and curly. All I can recommend is do what works best for you! I am not free, or CG. But I try to use products that are not too drying. I use what makes my hair look and feel good. Don't focus to much on categories.. I sure don't. Good luck.
ps , by looking at the picture you look like a 2b.. possibly if you tried different products you hair might be curlier..
It's possible to have any width (coarse, fine, and medium) with any curl pattern.