Every time I use a diffuser my hair is dry, crunchy, and just gross. Do I have to settle?

All my life my curly hair has been a struggle. Either it be because it's too thick, too frizzy, or too dry, I've never had the curls of my dreams. Only when I was in my teen years did I ONCE have soft, bouncy curls, but of course I forgot what I did for that. I've asked my stylist NUMEROUS times on how to fix my dry, coarse hair, but she always seems to ignore me and it's getting frustrating. I like using a diffuser for the convenience, but that's the only reason. With a diffuser, I feel like I'm always hit or miss and it's never how I want it to be. In terms of moisture, I've tried Paul Mitchell, Herbal Essences, Aussie, Ouidad, Be Curly Aveda, and even olive oil with eggs and I've still never got it to last. I'm at the point where I'm extremely frustrated and upset thinking I'll never get there. Please tell me I don't have to settle! 

2 Answers

Good to know I'm not the only one! Honestly I've given up on diffusing but for me it kills whatever 'curl clumps' my hair forms. Have you ever tried the pixie curl method? You completely turn off the diffuser until it's all situated and then turn it on only when your ready to go, and you continue like that around your entire head. I hope that helps with the frizz, but as far as everything else I just avoid mouse like the plague. I'm not a dry hair expert either but good luck!!
I totally agree with curly swimmer .. I never diffuse my hair bc it makes my hair frizzy. I have very fine long hair. I air dry after styling , then after about an hour I will dry on on low( I cup my curls in my hand with no diffuser and dry slighty). I help my hair to stay in curl formation and clumps. I also discover fellow curly, shalimarcat on youtube does not diffuse for similar reasons. For the dryness you may want to dry a more intense product ( maybe designed not for 2b hair ). a lot of products I use are not for 2bs. Im not crazy about mousse either . There are only 2 I can use ( OGX coconut curls and shea moisture). good luck.