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I'm really wanting to get into the CG method Hutu have no idea where to begin. I'm unsure of my hair type for one. Also any product recommendations would be appreciated. These pictures were taken in Florida where the humidity was outrageous by the way!

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Hi! Don't worry, it gets easier. So, first of all, I'd say you have 2C, maybe 2B hair. It's very pretty, by the way. An important first step is figuring out your hair porosity, or how open your cuticle (the little scales on your hair that let in moisture) is. Try this test, which isn't super accurate, but it works fine. Put a hair in a hair in a bowl of water and wait for it to sink. If it sinks within 2 minutes, it's high porosity. If it takes longer than like, 20 minutes to sink, it's low. Low and high porosity hair should be treated very differently, so that's important to know. However, before I know your porosity, here are just some basic, all around tips:No hairbrushes- detangle your hair before or during your shower with a wide toothed comb. Other than that, no combing or brushing in between showers. You want your hair to stay in nice, defined clumps :)No terrycloth towels- use an old t-shirt or microfiber towelNo heat tools (if you have to, use a diffuser to blow-dry No products with silicones- One of the most common I've found is dimethicone. I always thought that avoiding silicones would be as easy as sulfates where it just says sulfate at the end like sodium lauryl sulfate. So guess who bought a conditioner full of silicones. Cones are bad because they coat the hair, blocking moisture, and causing buildup. On top of that, they can only be removed with sulfates, which are also very badNo sulfates! Sulfates strip your hair of moisture. This is very damaging for curly girls, as we need just about all the moisture we can get. Trust me, they will make your scalp all dry and itchy and things like that, and your curls will get very dry. It's not a fun time.So if you could just let me know your porosity and what your primary hair concerns are, I'd be able to give you a lot more info.Thanks!