Total newbie needing a bit of help :|

Hello ladies, I've been trying out the curly girl method for just under a week now and although I love the idea of embracing my hair in its natural (wavy) state, I feel I need a bit of guidance.Having read up quite a bit on the CG method and how to read the ingredients on products (I have to be honest, it's still a bit confusing), here's what I can tell about my hair in its current state:Type:I know my hair has a natural wave to it; which makes me a type 2; but I'm not sure if I'm an A / B or C - at the moment, my hair is a bit of all three depending on what area I'm looking at. Having started the CG method, I didn't realise it was wavier than I thought it would be!Porosity:Every 6 months or so, I get half a head of highlights. And where I live, it is currently summer so it's quite hot and humid with dew points of 24C. So it makes sense that the top layer of my hair has seen more damage than the underlayers. I'm guessing given the dying and exposure to elements I'm going to be anywhere from mid - high Porosity (?)Texture:Fine to Medium. Some areas a finer than others (lots of baby hairs and flyaways around the face.Density:I'd say normal.Frizz:Even with my current routine (mentioned below) I still frizz. So much so that on some parts of my hair, there is no shape whatsoever, just frizz.SO, My current routine is this:Low-poo: Currently none. Though, I feel I MAY need it...? Co-Wash: Currently using Desert Essence Red Raspberry Conditioner as my co-wash + Rinse Out (it's the only one I can find where I am, even then I had to seriously look for products that are CG friendly) Leave-in: Currently using Desert Essence Coconut Soft Curls creme as a semi-leave in. I say Semi because the first time I used it I felt I may have put too much and it made my hair feel quite weighed down, especially on top by the roots. So I put it in from ends to mid-way, then splash a bit of water so as it's not completely rinsed out).Styling: Currently using Boots Essentials Curl Creme as my final step.Treatment: I haven't done this yet on the CG method but usually I use Oliplex before I shampoo. I read somewhere it's CG friendly, but thought I'd check first...? Deep conditioning Treatment: About once a week, I massage in pure coconut oil into my hair and scalp and leave it in for a few hours before washing it out. (I must be honest and say lately, I haven't been loyal to this, been on holiday so I've yet to get back into the habit of doing this treatment).I plop when I have the time with a pure cotton towel but usually, I don't have that luxury and find I have to wash and go as I'm usually at the gym in the mornings before work. The problem I'm having is this:I think the water where I live is hard; that said, however, I do feel my hair has become a BIT softer than before, but I can't tell if my hair feels flat and "heavy" especially on top by the roots because it's adjusting to the CG method; OR, if I actually need to use a low-poo; OR, if the Co-wash I'm currently using is too much for my hair. Also, I'm struggling with the frizz. As I mentioned, I'm in a hot and humid area (dew point 24C), and although I've managed to control most of the frizz, it won't completely go away. Any / all help and/or guidance on my confusion is much appreciated!Thanks in advance,S x

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Hi SaraFrank, Thank you for the in-depth intro! It sounds like you're doing all the right things as far as CG method is concerned. One thing I want to tell you, however, is that you don't need to stick to traditional CG regimen. You can absolutely adapt it and modify it to meet your wavy hair needs. Wavy hair is typically more prone to oiliness and being weighed down because we want to follow traditional curly girl methods.  You say your hair is flat and heavy at the top. This is a perfect example of why wavies sometimes need to modify the CG method. I've never been able to get used to co-washes, myself. I feel they are too heavy for my hair and almost always result in a greasy crown. That being said, some wavies love using co-washes. I would give your hair about 6 weeks to get used to your new regimen. If after 6 weeks you're still experiencing heavy weighed down waves, I'd take out the co-wash and swap it for a low-poo or a sulfate free shampoo. Also, pay close attention to what is causing the flatness. It could be a combination of your leave-in, cream, and co-wash. Take one product out at a time to see which product is causing the issue. As for frizz, there's no magic cure. Lol. It takes trial and error. One tip I live by is staying away from humectants during really humid weather. Glycerin and other humectants attract water to your hair. Especially if you're using water in your regimen (either to refresh or dilute your product) you'll likely frizz up in humid weather. Here's a great article with product suggestions for anti-humectant products: My personal favorite is Ouidad's Heat and Humidity Gel. I hope this helps some! Feel free to ask me more questions!