Tricky 2a hair

So I think my hair is 2a. I grew up thinking my hair was straight (maybe because my best friend was half black so she had really curly, but not coarse, hair) so I treated my hair like it was straight. Anyway... My hair flips up at the ends and, especially in the front, there is a bit of an s pattern. I'm trying to get into a good routine styling my hair. I love when it's wavy and curly but it doesn't always do what I want it to do. My hair is really thick and heavy so when I let it air dry with gel/mousse in it it has a little more definition in the waves than when I air dry it without anything in it. I just started co-washing a month and a half ago and I think that's definitely helped with my waves. I take most of my showers at night so when I sleep I end up twisting my hair into a bun and sleeping with it loose under a satin cap. I know it sounds weird, but I feel like I'm kind of cheating... Like if I didn't twist my hair or leave it in a bun I wouldn't have wavy hair. Any suggestions on what I can do to increase the definition in my hair? (Attached is a picture of my hair, air dried with nothing in it)

3 Answers

your hair looks like it has a slight wave so without product and maniplualtion I doubt it will curl/wave up much. Try using a product that will cause the hair to clump and diffuse with your hair flipped over. That might help
i would try to get some curly girl products. Light weight mousse and gels. Don't brush your hair outside of the shower, and just use a side tooth comb. I never knew how curly my hair could be until I stopped brushing my hair out of the shower. I also use a clumping product, which helps define my curls. The hardest part of this whole hair thing is trying products. Scrunching the products into your hair after a shower works well. Work from the bottom up. Good luck!
You're hair is actually pretty straight. I'm surprised that you said that it could curl because generally straight-2a hair isn't naturally curly at all. You have hair that is very similar to mine, except mine is a bit straighter. To define the waves I usually try to scrunch my hair (and sometimes fail) or use curl defining gel. Your hair is probably never going to be curly without heat styling but scrunching and gel should definitely make it more wavy.