Trying to figure out a routine. Having trouble! HELP!!

I just had my hair analyzed and found that I have medium hair, high porosity, low elasticity. It is 2c/3a! My current routine:- cowash with Suave Naturals Coconut- rinseout: Deva One condition- leave-in: As I am Leave In- serum: Curl Keeper- gel: Aquage Defining GelI did a protein treatment and now my hair is very unhappy; yet according to my analysis I would benefit from protein.  I like my hair, but don't love it.  The gel has a drying alcohol at the bottom of the list so I am trying to replace it, but my hair hates the ones that seem popular: Ecostyler, LA Looks, La Bella...they leave my hair feeling coated and yucky.  Any ideas?

2 Answers

Well now that you know more about your hair type you can have an easier time finding products that work well with your hair type! The thing with protein treatments is that, if there's too much protein going into your hair, it won't work out well! Maybe your hair was already getting enough protein. They say to only do protein treatments once a month. Working with your hair will just be trial and error until you find something that works exactly for you! Its a journey! Good luck! :)
Hello, Check this link from Naptural85, its a Do It Yourself: Homemade Natural Hair Gel with Flaxseeds: natural!Good luck :)