Trying to go natural, struggling with dry, frizzy, BIG hair

Hi all, I am trying again to go natural with my dry, frizzy, puffy, wavy hair. I think my hair is between a 2b and 2c from what I've read.Today, I followed a recommendation I found here and co-washed with conditioner (no shampoo), then applied my usual styling products, It's a 10 Miracle and Quidad gel, and then added a little Shea Moisture masque as a leave in because my hair is super dry lately. I then plopped my hair and left it for about 25 minutes while I did things around the house. After that, I took it down and diffused it upside down gently for about 10 minutes. And its BAD. See photo below. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I can do to tame my hair and wear it natural? I'm willing to try any product or technique.

3 Answers

well first of all your hair looks amazing to me! but i would do a coconut oil mask first of all, overnight. it seals the cuticle and deeply moisturizes like nothing else. then wash with a good sulfate/silicone free shampoo and condition. then dry it extremely gently with an old Tshirt and switch to satin pillow case. its going to take awhile for your hair to get healthy again if you are going natural for the first time..and drying upside down will give you MAJOR volume, not sure if that's what you want lol. i would recommend all the shea moisture products, they are friggn amazing
Hi Kat, thanks so much! I do love the waves, I'm just struggling with how frizzy and out of control they are right now. I am taking your advice and my hair is drowning in coconut oil right now :)Pretty much every tutorial I've seen recommends diffusing upside down, but no, volume is not my goal! I won't do that again lol I'll get myself a satin pillow case and take a look at Shea Moisture's other products tomorrow. Thanks again
I agree, I think your waves look great! But it depends on what you're going for, if volume is not your goal then I do think you should try diffusing right side up instead of upside down. You might want to try a product with more hold, like a gel, that will keep your hair from getting bigger.